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Customer feedback videos

Following is a list links to videos that provide EPS user feedback and advice on how to use EPS.

Four school leaders offer feedback on how they found the experience and advice they may offer others looking to take advantage of this process. The short video clips would be useful for showing your staff, or simply watch yourself to gain some ideas that may be relevant to your context.

We are grateful to the following people for allowing themselves to be interviewed and for giving us permission to share their stories:

  • Kathy Paterson, Deputy Principal, Hamilton Girls' High School
  • Kate Fuller, eLearning Director. Birkenhead College
  • Rob Haddock, Principal, Tahuna Primary School
  • Andrew Barker, Principal, Lyttleton West Primary School

Kathy Paterson: "..[the data] gives us substance to move forward in our planning."

Kate Fuller: "The first thing we'll do is analyse [the data] to identify our strengths and weaknesses, the things we're good at and the things we're not so good at."

Andrew Barker: "[the data] allows you to plan strategically how to work on areas of need or further develop areas of strength."

Feedback videos:

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