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If we want to change schools, it is unlikely to happen until we understand more deeply the core assumptions on which the industrial-age school is based.

Peter Senge

Organisations that are built to change have a clear sense of who they are and what they stand for.

Lawler & Worley

“I have a high level of confidence that the EPS’s survey will provide good data for the SEF.”

UK Principal

“The survey results were useful as evidence to the OFSTED inspection in March 2010”

UK Pilot Research Report

“Several participants commented on the way in which anonymity fostered trust in the validity of the process and thus confidence in the results.”

UK Pilot Research Report

“The challenge of responding to the questions in the survey and the provocation of the language used in those questions had the effect of 'sensitising' staff and students to deeper issues in reflecting on the school. This was evidenced in their performance in dialogue with OFSTED engagement in which both staff and students were noted for being more articulate and more effective in communicating with inspectors.”

UK pilot Research Report

“The language was not easy but it engaged us in deeper thinking, stimulated pedagogical conversations, opened the whole debate up and got us thinking.”

NZ teacher

“The process makes you feel like your views have been accounted for.”

NZ student

“We have now grouped several departments together to work together on strategic planning – that’s never happened before. Inter-department groups are now planning collaborative events, which are going to take place in July.”

NZ Secondary Principal

“The need for more collaboration and communication with school stakeholders has been highlighted.”

NZ Principal

 “One HOD could see how she could use the data with her department, and that has got her enthusiastic about leading the team in a way we hadn’t seen before.”

NZ Deputy Principal

The online surveys part of the EPS process has] “showed the differences between groups in the school, and in how they see the school…. Seeing the outliers meant we are more transparent with each other, and honest and open.”

NZ Deputy Principal