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Following are the subscription pricing options for schools in the USA and countries not listed on our Subscription page.

Roll size Total 1st year cost (incl. facilitation)** Subsequent years (contiguous) Subsequent years (non-contiguous)
Up to 150 $1,660 $980 $1,150
151 - 500 $2,340 $1,555 $1,830
501 - 1000 $3,275 $2,350 $2,765
> 1000 $4,250 $3,180 $3,740

* Prices do not include any local taxes that may be due.

** Includes total of 4 hours online facilitation. Recommended that three hours of this be used to prepare school leaders prior to the administration of the survey. Additional face-to-face or online facilitation available based on a daily rate

Subscription includes:

  • 1 year subscription to the online tool
  • 4 hours facilitation that can be used in whatever way the school decides (provided online)
  • Face to face option available but priced at full day rate (to take account of travel time) and expenses